The KryonEngine

The Open-sourced Magnetic Free Energy Device for New Earth

~ Freeing energy is freeing humanity: Our birthright AND shared responsibility ~

The KryonEngine is a mechanical device which generates New Earth's first (heretofore undisclosed and taught/believed to be impossible) real Perpetual movement (French: "Mouvement perpétuel", German/Latin: "Perpetuum mobile") thanks to an intelligent arrangement of magnets, such as permanent magnets or electromagnets.

It is the first device publicly and transparently disclosed to mankind to produce free, unlimited, clean and power grid-independent energy.

As such, it represents a truly Disruptive innovation and will therefor force business leaders around the world to become intimately familiar with The Innovator's Dilemma and to adapt their business strategies accordingly in order to survive, with the upside of an enormous potential to thrive.

Can anybody understand and verify all of this?

Yes! All information is 100% free & open for all to study! All you need is:

The KryonEngine in short

The KryonEngine (in its minimal configuration) consists of at least

  • 1 larger stationary disc magnet (referred to as Center Magnet, or CM) which rotates horizontally around its own center axis, and
  • 3 smaller stationary disc magnets (referred to as Peripheral Magnet, or PM), arranged in a circle formation which is centered on the geometric center point of the Center Magnet, while all Peripheral Magnets (separated by 120° angles from each other) rotate (in the same direction) in vertical planes which contain the geometric center point of the Center Magnet, around their own respective center axis.
  • The appropriate Coils (or complete Electric generators) can be integrated with the rotating elements in order to convert the kinetic energy generated by the magnetic push-and-pull forces into electricity by applying Faraday's Law of Induction.

The KryonEngine in detail

The geometric center points of all Peripheral Magnets and of the Center Magnet are located in the same plane.

When the Center Magnet rotates clockwise (when observed from above), then each Peripheral Magnet also rotates clockwise (when observed from behind the forward-moving Peripheral Magnet).

The Center Magnet and all Peripheral Magnets share the same rotational speed (their rotational movements cover the same rotational angle per unit of time): When each Peripheral Magnet completes 1 rotation around its own center axis, then the Center Magnet also completes 1 rotation around its own center axis.

When a magnetic pole of the Center Magnet reaches its closest proximity to a Peripheral Magnet, then all magnetic poles of both the Center Magnet and the Peripheral Magnet share the same vertical plane, and the Center Magnet's magnetic poles define a line which intersects at a 90° angle with the line defined by the magnetic poles of the Peripheral Magnet.

In an alternative configuration, the Peripheral Magnets would additionally rotate – together, as one integrated "Wheel" – around the Center Magnet's geometric center point, while the Center Magnet would remain entirely static (and not rotate).

A mechanical mechanism (see paragraph: Build concept) is required in order to ensure the precise coordination of all rotational movements and positions described above.

The below animation shows the top view of a minimal configuration of a KryonEngine:

In this animation, the Center Magnet and the Peripheral Magnets all rotate clockwise around their own respective center axis, in 60° steps.

Note that the following abstractions are accepted for the purpose of improved readability:

  • Magnet proportions are not actual.
  • Peripheral Magnets are shown as bar magnets; in reality, diametrically magnetized disc magnets (whose outlines are indicated by the dashed lines) are ideally used.
  • Only 3 Peripheral Magnets are included; for a stronger energetic output, include a multiple thereof, i.e. 6 Peripheral Magnets (decreasing their separating angles from 120° to 60°), or 12 Peripheral Magnets.

Download all frames of this animation (.zip) to flip through them at your own pace

If you are interested in information regarding earlier (less relevant) work or configurations, you can find it here.

Why the KryonEngine works

At any given moment, at least 1 of the Center Magnet's magnetic poles is not only repulsed "forward", but also attracted "forward" by Peripheral Magnets, which induces the Center Magnet's rotational movement. This movement is transferred to all Peripheral Magnets (via the mechanical mechanism, as outlined in the paragraph Build concept), thereby inducing the Peripheral Magnets' rotational movements which reposition them precisely such that this entire process is started again from the beginning, resulting in its infinite repetition: The Perpetual movement.

In order to understand why all attraction and repulsion forces are exerted continuously (why they are not interrupted, canceled out or inverted), the evolution of the value of Distance D must be observed:

Distance D represents the spatial distance between 2 attracting magnetic poles (respectively 2 repulsing magnetic poles) as they move towards each other (respectively, as they move away from each other).

Important: Download, study, and use this spreadsheet model (.zip) in order to understand how the value of Distance D evolves, as a function of (mainly) the value of r1 ("magnetic radius" of a Peripheral Magnet) and r2 ("magnetic radius" of a Center Magnet), as the various magnetic poles move through space.

The model shows that for the Center Magnet's rotational movement to be as efficient and continuous as possible, the "magnetic radius" of Peripheral Magnets (r1) must be reduced accordingly.

The illustration below shows example proportions where r1 is equal to approximately 16% of the Center Magnet's "magnetic radius" r2 (keep in mind that the illustration shows the "magnetic radius", and not the "volumetric radius" of the magnets). For this example, the model shows a remaining residual inefficiency at the angles α=1° and α=0° which could be overcome by (1) reducing r1, and/or (2) by increasing the number of Peripheral Magnets used, and/or (3) by using electromagnets instead of permanent magnets:

Build concept

The orange components (mainly: the Center Magnet [2] and the Tube with interior helix guiding rails [4]) act as one structure which rotates in the horizontal plane; the rotation is induced via both magnetic repulsion and magnetic attraction, as shown earlier.

The gray components (mainly: the Peripheral Magnet [3] which rotates in the vertical plane and is held in position by the Arm [5], and the Casing [6]) act as one structure which remains stationary.

The inner walls of the circular Tube [4] carry guiding rails in the form of single helix segments which cover only that half of the circular tube that is opposite the tube's open slot (to minimize friction, only 1 Tiny guiding wheel [1] is in contact with a guiding rail segment at any given moment).

The rotation of the Center Magnet [2] continuously pushes 1 Tiny guiding wheel [1] per Peripheral Magnet [3] along 1 helix-shaped guiding rail segment; the helix guiding rail segments are shaped in such a way that the required coordination of the rotation of all Peripheral Magnets [3] relative to each other and to the Center Magnet [2] is obtained, as it is shown in the animation above.

Alternatively, the coordination of the rotations of all Peripheral Magnets [3] could also be obtained by using several gear wheels (which may introduce more friction, but may be easier to build).


First, this site is not a project per se. It is the open-sourced instruction and explanation set enabling people to build devices.

Second, we have deliberately chosen not to conduct or encourage any kind of centralized activity. For obvious reasons, the success of this endeavor relies on a high degree of decentralization and redundancy. We therefor do not attempt to track or coordinate any kind of activity centrally.

To this day, we have no proof of anybody on this planet building or having built the KryonEngine. Which means that realistically, we have to assume that for now, "It is not coming".

"It is coming!" is misinterpreted by many to mean the equivalent of "A saviour is coming to solve our problems - so I can just sit back and enjoy the show". That perception and reaction is called the "Saviour template" - it is just another program that has been used against you for millennia (i.e. through religions using the idea of the return of Jesus), in order to lull you into complacency, passivity, subordination, in short: Permanent acceptance of the status quo and victimhood. But: Jesus was never coming to solve all our problems. The Q team was never coming to solve all our problems. The Galactic Federation was never coming to solve all our problems. And the Flavor-of-the-Day-big-tech-CEO was also never coming to solve all our problems. It is on us to fix our limited energy problem. This comprehension is part of the "Lesson of Sovereignty". The solutions that make up New Earth are solutions that are implemented and grow bottom up, supported and carried by The People, whereas the perceived "solutions" of the past have been imposed on us top down, by a few, for the few, and to our detriment.

Ok, so that is bad news, right? - No. It is "only" a matter of time until Free energy will be a reality. And we all together, collectively decide whether that day will come "in a couple of months" or "in 20 years - maybe", or "probably not in this lifetime, yet".

Why? Because Free energy is meeting fierce resistance not only from service-to-self factions, but also from maybe 95% of the population which remain dismissive and passive (and that includes even circles whose members would consider themselves "awakened" or "spiritual"), because we have all been programmed and conditioned in various ways to think that Free energy is impossible and thus should not even be attempted. So, even when we set out to prove the contrary, we begin such efforts while mentally and emotionally repeating this old false program. Which tells you everything about how long such efforts generally last, and the conclusion they reach. It is a clever little self-fulfilling prophecy planted by and serving the service-to-self factions.

So what can YOU contribute to speed things up? You are asked to spread this information as far and wide as possible (and in-person where it may make the difference), because:

As soon as this information reaches the people...

  • (a) who are equipped to take it on (resources, skills, and tools),
  • (b) who are willing to take it on, and
  • (c) who will also see it through until the end,

...those people will spring into action.

And given the strong resistance this subject meets, we will need many of those people, not just 1 person or 1 team in 1 country. We need many such teams in many countries, around the world (and this is just 1 of the reasons why this invention has been open-sourced). And then, those people will require serious, concrete support from the general population, as they will have to find ways to circumvent resistance from the service-to-self factions.

Turning upside-down the global energy power/control structure established by the service-to-self factions is a monumental endeavor and a huge change in History, and it can only be successful if carried out as a very conscious, sustained, decentralized, redundant, and most of all collective effort.

Start by designing your prototype devices such that they only contain the magnetic and mechanic parts (no electric parts, yet). Make it as simple, cheap, and easy as possible to manufacture, to assemble, and to ship. At this (initial) stage, the purpose is only to demonstrate that Perpetual movement is real, and to demonstrate it at a very large scale. Consider shipping/selling downloadable blueprints with parts lists and assembly instructions, non-assembled parts with assembly instructions, and fully assembled ready-for-use devices, in order to increase your reach by appealing to different budgets and needs.

By purchasing such simple "gadgets" the general public can (a) personally inspect up close the Perpetual movement and observe it over long periods of time, and thus realize that it is indeed real (videos are generally not credible proof anymore) and (b) present that proof to their friends and families which may turn into customers as well. (Thought experiment: How much money can you make by winning bets in which you claim that you can prove Free energy beyond any doubt? How many of those losing the bet to you will be motivated to start betting actively as well? How viral can your "gadget" sales go? How much free advertising can you get?)

Once a certain threshold of market penetration has been reached, pressure upon people in positions of power (i.e. CEOs, university research directors, "Green" political party leaders, Presidents, etc.) will naturally build up, as people (in their functions of shareholders, stakeholders, employees, voters, activists, etc.) will be able to directly and effectively confront leaders using their "gadgets" as tangible and fully credible proof. The right amount of collective consolidated pressure will ultimately nudge the people in positions of power to finally change course, and to agree to the beginning of the implementation of Free energy at scale, in order to be able to remain in their positions of power (and not be fired or voted out). That is the moment when you should have your fully integrated, optimized and tested designs and blueprints ready for manufacturing at scale.

Please refer to the paragraph: Why the KryonEngine works

If you have taken the necessary time to thoroughly study and understand the entire information presented, but still feel that something has not been explained clearly enough, please do write in.

Contrary to mainstream belief and deliberate propaganda efforts carried out via powerful industries and governmental institutions, the Law of Thermodynamics can not be (mis)used to "disprove perpetual motion", if applied correctly. The correct application of the Law of Thermodynamics (a) refers to closed systems which (b) exist in a reality of which 100% is known and understood. Both (a) and (b) can only ever be true with absolute certainty in theory, but never within the limited perception of reality as it is experienced by humankind.

In other words: How much sense does it make to think that a system which is observed in only 4 dimensions can never and will never be influenced by what is contained and happening in the many (higher) dimensions? Daily scientific progress and discoveries prove that at any given moment, we only understand a tiny fraction of the entire reality that "surrounds us", and it follows that we can never assume that any kind of system we observe (a) is really a closed system and (b) is really fully understood.

The KryonEngine doesn't actually break this law. There is no energy "coming out of nowhere". This "new" energy has in reality always been there, we simply haven't been able to perceive it, because we haven't been taught how and where to look and measure.

Can you imagine that magnets hold an energy potential which becomes visible to our limited senses only when we bring the magnets into a "special kind" of geometry?

Don't stay in mental prisons somebody else has built for you.   ;-)

KryonEngines can power buildings (homes, offices, factories, etc.), means of transport (cars, buses, boats, airplanes, etc.), electronic devices (computers, TVs, in miniaturized form: mobile phones, etc.), and much more - at almost no cost (other than the cost of the initial acquisition and rare maintenance).

KryonEngines can also operate as simple stand-alone power generators or backup power generators, i.e. in remote locations or countries with frequent power grid outages.

According to "Market Research Future" (, the global market size for the backup power generators segment alone was valued at USD 16.5 Billion in 2022. The backup power market industry is projected to grow from USD 17.5 Billion in 2023 to USD 29.08 Billion by 2032, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.50% during the forecast period (2023-2032). Increased demand for uninterrupted power supply (UPS), the growth in power outages, and the rising need for reliable power backup solutions are the key market drivers enhancing the market growth.

Since this market evaluation does not take into account the disruptive KryonEngine technology, but instead relies on the (now wrong) assumption that the underlying power generator technologies do not evolve, these numbers have to be multiplied, in order to represent the true market potential.

Additionally, the Global Cooling period (which is induced mainly by the solar cycles) is expected to begin very approximately around 2030. This global temperature drop will further increase the demand for power generators (backup and non-backup).

It is thus obvious that the KryonEngine technology will generate massive revenues for many players.

KryonEngines offer independence from antiquated, polluting and illness-inducing energy sources, such as nuclear energy (production of hazardous nuclear waste, currently still ongoing leakage of radiating material at contaminated sites such as Chernobyl, Fukushima, etc.), fossil fuels such as petroleum (air pollution from petroleum-fueled vehicles, engines, and industrial processes, as well as oil spills from tankers, pipelines, and oil wells into land and marine ecosystems, releasing toxins dangerous to humans and many organisms), coal (production of soot, smog, acid rain, and waste such as sludge, toxic chemicals, etc.) and natural gas (leakage of methane, groundwater near gas wells contaminated with gases and fracking fluids, etc.) and thus contribute to a clean environment promoting health, abundance and a higher consciousness in the global population.

KryonEngines become powerful independent energy generators when a KryonEngine using permanent magnets is used to power a KryonEngine using electromagnets.

Replace every permanent magnet by an electromagnet. First, manually rotate the Center Magnet until you have manually produced and stored enough electricity to power the electromagnets for a while. Then, use a fraction of the power generated by the KryonEngine itself to power its electromagnets (now making it run self-sufficiently). Alternatively, you may initially power the electromagnets by an external power source (wall outlet, solar panel, car battery, etc.), until the KryonEngine runs self-sufficiently.

KryonEngines offer power grid independence (which is crucial for the well-being of the population in countries such as the US which currently lack the necessary power grid infrastructure investments).

KryonEngines offer independence from batteries themselves as well as from their toxic components and their explosion/fire hazard.

KryonEngines are Base load energy systems, meaning they provide a consistent and reliable flow of electricity anywhere, under any circumstances, especially regardless of any external factors such as potentially fluctuating climate conditions.

Push it to a supercapacitor (also called "ultracapacitor") for later use.

KryonEngines maintenance mainly consists of regular greasing and the replacement of heavily used bearings.

The KryonEngine has been put intentionally and FULLY IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN, REPRESENTS 'PRIOR ART' AND CAN THEREFOR NOT BE PATENTED. Any patent attempting to make any of the presented information, ideas or concepts proprietary can therefor be invalidated immediately and in any country.

The information presented has aditionally been submitted to the Prior Art Database; as such it has been notarized and has received a legally valid publication timestamp. It has thus been made readily available to all patent examiners worldwide.

You therefor have the right to use the presented information entirely free of charge, fully, commercially, and without any other limitation or restriction whatsoever.

Patents can be used to fully block the improvement, the propagation, the use and the resulting benefit and abundance of important innovations for The People. Even when the inventor who applies for a patent does not intend to do this, negatively polarized service-to-self factions of the government of the past/present have heavily applied this strategy: The US Patent and Trademarks Office has been used to hold up almost 6000 patents using the argument of "national security orders". The bulk of these suppressed inventions deal with Free energy, exotic propulsion systems, electromagnetic healing, and more. The result for humanity is: Unnecessary but entirely voluntarily induced sickness, suffering, poverty, a very low level of consciousness, and a heavily reduced life span - all of which maintains humanity in an extremely weak and vulnerable general state, which in turn facilitates its continued manipulation on a worldwide scale throughout many centuries.

Patents are also used for the aim of enriching oneself massively by monopolizing important inventions and thereby limiting the improvement, the propagation, the use and the resulting benefit and abundance for The People.

The Open-source movement works for The People. It maximizes the improvement, the propagation, the use and the resulting benefit and abundance for The People. It limits the power of service-to-self factions and supports those being of service-to-others. It is therefor fully aligned with the future of Humanity.

Yes, you can find them here. However, the above shown configurations have a higher degree of efficiency, a lower degree of complexity, which results in lower manufacturing costs and generally speaks in their favor.

The correct question would be: Who is Kryon? Kryon supports Humanity in many precious ways - not only by dropping hints about upcoming revolutionary technologies based on magnetism, such as (shallow depth) geothermal energy generation, (mass-scale) water desalination and magnetic engines. You are encouraged to tune in to the neverending stream of new free audio channellings. Also be sure to read Lee Carroll's answer to this question.

No. Kryon has dropped a couple of hints about magnetic engines in Lee Carrol's free audio channellings. The information presented here is a personal interpretation of those hints. It is the result of a mixture of personal "intuition" and intellect.

No, there is no affiliation with Lee Carroll ("Original Channel for Kryon").

Magenta Pixie provides a comprehensive answer on Rumble (or on YT).


Thomas Hardtmuth, on 9/11 2021

Call for Mechanical Engineers Worldwide

The KryonEngine Free Energy Device technology invention has been open-sourced since 9/11 2021.

You are welcome to study this information, build your own prototypes, set up your own manufacturing, and start your own commercial distribution - no strings attached: A gigantic once-in-a-liftime business opportunity is up for grabs.

In case you wish to open-source any information or blueprints (spreading the information openly makes it more persistent), we'll be happy to link to and/or publish your material.

Why Banks, Big Corporations, Politicians, and Universities say NO to Free energy

Free energy means an enormous gain in freedom and independence (and thus power) for the citizen/consumer/sovereign being.

This monumental shift will happen at the (power) expense of those who currently still control the above mentioned institutions (and other power structures).

It is the reason why - throughout history - those in power have been trying to prevent Free energy (and many other revolutionary technologies) from becoming available to The People.

One tool used for this suppression have been patent and trademark offices where many thousands of patents have been held up, i.e. under "national security orders".

The upcoming general availability of Free energy devices thus continues to rely on the sovereign and independent intervention of The People.

The KryonEngine Timeline

  • 07/22 2024: You are here.
    Over 100 of the World's top universities have been notified, many of them listed below.
    It's been almost 3 years since the 1st university has received its notification (registered mail).
    To this day, none of the contacted institutes have expressed any interest whatsoever, which suggests that the interests of many tax-payer funded governmental institutions are not aligned with (or even oppose) the goals of the solution presented here. You may consider these circumstances your wake-up call.